Safely and easily get your Pups into your cab height mounted Rooftop Tent thanks to the DOGGO RTT Ramp™ PRO! Our new design gives your dog at least a 31.5° angle, even if your tent is mounted 8ft high. This is significantly less of an angle than your average 45° staircase. It includes a 12ft telescoping ladder and our utility patented ramp. The top bracket is placed over the top step on your existing rooftop tent ladder ensuring your rooftop tent is still fully supported by the ladder (if applicable). Made of heavy-duty waterproof polyester with rubber grips for traction, a custom steel bracket and climbing grade paracord/carabiners.


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– DOGGO RTT Ramp™ PRO 12ft

– 12ft black anodized telescoping ladder

– Side D-Rings & Bungee cords (they come attached to the ramp). These allow you to utilize bungee cords around the back of the ladder for additional support. These help keep the ramp from moving, especially with heavier dogs. Bungee cords utilize climbing grade carabiners and come as a pair!

Top ladder step must be unobstructed and free of any mounting brackets that mount the ladder to the tent

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Weight30 lbs
Dimensions150 × 19 × 4 in


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